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 2004 VOLVO VNL $17,000
Used 2004 VOLVO VNL for Sale
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EngineCUMMINS  ISX  400 RE Ratio3.58
Sleeper Wheelbase 
TransmissionAutoShift WheelsAluminum
SuspensionAir Ride Tires
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer1,109,777
RA Capacity40,000 Lbs. Unit#UT2725

 2004 Freightliner Columbia $31,500
Used 2004 Freightliner Columbia for Sale
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EngineDetroit  14.0  515 RE Ratio3.70
SleeperDouble Wheelbase232" 
Transmission10 Speed WheelsAluminum
SuspensionAir Ride TiresLP22.5
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer366,128
RA Capacity40,000 Lbs. Unit#UT2819

 2003 Kenworth T600 $26,500
Used 2003 Kenworth T600 for Sale
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EngineCAT  C15  435 RE Ratio3.55
Sleeper Wheelbase238" 
Transmission13 Speed WheelsAluminum
SuspensionAir Ride TiresLP22.4
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer699,082
RA Capacity40,000 Lbs. Unit#UT2804

 2000 VOLVO VN $8,500
Used 2000 VOLVO VN for Sale
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EngineCummins  N14E  370 RE Ratio3.73
SleeperNon Wheelbase 
Transmission10 Speed WheelsSteel
SuspensionAir Ride TiresLP22.5
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer
RA Capacity20,000 Lbs. Unit#UT2789

 1999 International 8100 $14,500
Used 1999 International 8100 for Sale
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EngineCUMMINS  M11  330 RE Ratio3.73
SleeperNon Wheelbase144" 
TransmissionRMX9135B WheelsSteel
SuspensionAir Ride Tires11R22.5
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer358,585
RA Capacity20,000 Lbs. Unit#UT2761

 1999 Freightliner Century Class $16,000
Used 1999 Freightliner Century Class for Sale
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EngineDetroit  12.7L  500 RE Ratio3.70
Sleeper Wheelbase230" 
Transmission10 Speed WheelsAluminum
SuspensionAir Ride Tires11R22.5LP
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer1,314,529
RA Capacity40,000 Lbs. Unit#UT2792

 1997 Volvo WG $10,000
Used 1997 Volvo WG for Sale
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EngineDETROIT  11.1 SERIE   RE Ratio4.11
SleeperNon Wheelbase 
TransmissionRMX9-125B WheelsSteel
SuspensionSPRING TiresLP22.5
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer979,486
RA Capacity40,000 Lbs. Unit#UT2728

 1996 Kenworth T800 $7,500
Used 1996 Kenworth T800 for Sale
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EngineCAT  3176  350 RE Ratio3.73
SleeperNon Wheelbase185" 
Transmission9 Speed WheelsAluminum
SuspensionSPRING Tires11R22.5
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer485,624
RA Capacity40,000 Lbs. Unit#UT2796

 1994 International 9200 $10,000
Used 1994 International 9200 for Sale
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EngineDetroit  11.1  365 RE Ratio4.11
SleeperNon Wheelbase163" 
Transmission10 Speed WheelsSteel
SuspensionAir Ride Tires11R22.5
FA Capacity12,000 Lbs. Odometer935,988
RA Capacity14,000 Lbs. Unit#UT2799
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